The Final Exam (Part 1)

Exploring Isley’s final test, the adventurers were contacted by the priestess who had some important information for them. They have learned that Isley is one of a group of four powerful beings who existed in a time when magic was a natural part of Sundara. These beings are called the Abyssal Lords, and have somehow managed to survive through the millennia, and more importantly, are the only beings who have somehow managed to retain their ability to use magic since The Banishment. After receiving this information, the adventurers moved on through the test, and encountered what seemed to be a cluster of empty nests. After further exploration they found a group of young dragons, and defeated them after which Mark experienced a truly horrific sight. They know not what horrors or dangers may await them in this test, but the heroes must persevere if they are to save the people of their home village



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