The Resurgence Begins

After defeating their attackers with the new-found power at their disposal, the adventurers return to their village with the body of the priestess. Upon realizing what happened, the village mayor brings the adventurers into his home, where he talks with them secretly. Apparently the priestess knew that this day would come, and it seems that the safety of the village is not the only thing in peril. The mayor explains that long ago, magic existed as a natural part of Sundara, but it was then banished by an unknown occurrence. Legend has told of a time when magic would return to the world, bringing with it the miracle of new possibilities. But, the legend also warned of danger. The Resurgence of magic in the world would progress too quickly, and the sudden appearance of so much power would be enough to tear Sundara apart. It was said that a group of awakened heroes would need to track down a collection of artifacts (one for each race) and use them to slow the advance of magic, so that the world could survive. He tells the players that the first artifact is hidded somewhere in the great glacier range of The Frostfell.



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