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Adventure Log

As young children, the adventurers played hide and seek on the first day of the ritual of hope, where the priestess travels to a nearby ancient temple and offers some of her blood to the gods and prays for the continuing safety of the village. After finding all of their friends, and winning the game, the children get in a fight when one of their friends claims that they were playing unfairly and wind up being sent home after they are caught by the adults.

The Ritual

Many years later, the adventurers were chosen to be the guardians of the priestess during the ritual of hope. It was their job to escort, and protect her while she traveled to the ancient temple. Things did not turn out as planned. After arriving at the temple, the players were ambushed and the priestess sacrificed herself to save the adventurers, using the ritual knife. Somehow, this caused magical abilities to awaken in the adventurers, something that hadn’t occurred in Sundara for countless years.

The Resurgence Begins

After defeating their attackers with the new-found power at their disposal, the adventurers return to their village with the body of the priestess. Upon realizing what happened, the village mayor brings the adventurers into his home, where he talks with them secretly. Apparently the priestess knew that this day would come, and it seems that the safety of the village is not the only thing in peril. The mayor explains that long ago, magic existed as a natural part of Sundara, but it was then banished by an unknown occurrence. Legend has told of a time when magic would return to the world, bringing with it the miracle of new possibilities. But, the legend also warned of danger. The Resurgence of magic in the world would progress too quickly, and the sudden appearance of so much power would be enough to tear Sundara apart. It was said that a group of awakened heroes would need to track down a collection of artifacts (one for each race) and use them to slow the advance of magic, so that the world could survive. He tells the players that the first artifact is hidded somewhere in the great glacier range of The Frostfell.

Cold Puzzles

After a long travel, and some investigation, the players learn that the artifact is likely in the largest glacier in The Frostfell. After travelling there, they find that their presence somehow opens the way to a large dungeon within the glacier. After solving the many puzzles that the dungeon has to offer, the players retrieve the artifact successfully.

Ambush, and Contact from Beyond

Even in there moment of victory the heroes are not safe. As they leave from the icy dungeon, they are ambushed by the same men who attacked them in the ancient temple. After a long battle, they defeat them only to have them disappear without a trace. Then, just as they are beginning to recover from the battle, they are contacted by an unexpected person. The village priestess apparently survived the occurrence at the temple, but only as a disembodied consciousness. She warns the villagers that something has happened at the village, and that they need to get there as soon as possible. She sounds very tired as she speaks, and leaves after only a short while, but promises to return to guide the players on their journey.

A Terrifying Return

After returning to the village, the mayor informs them that villagers have been mysteriously disappearing at night. As a precaution, the mayor asks that the adventurers spend the night in the villages Grand Hall, where all of the villagers have been moved for protection. That night the adventurers seem strangely tired, and fall asleep to horrific dreams. Upon waking up, they find themselves moved to their own bedrooms, and whats more, the entire population of the village seems to have disappeared. After following several long streaks of blood, they enter the Frosted Swamplands where they find a strange doorway.

The Deathless Village

After entering the doorway, and overcoming some gruesome events in the passages behind it. They come upon a village whose inhabitants seem to constantly die terrible deaths, only to reappear and die again. They are led by a small boy (who is convinced that Miranda is his mother) to the man who is supposedly in charge. When they ask him the name of this place, the boy simply states that everyone calls it Hell.


Led by the boy, the adventurers meet Isley, a mysterious and demented man who seems to posses some kind of strange power. He tells the adventurers that he was the one who stole away the villagers, and claims that he is willing to return them if the adventurers can pass his test.

The Test Begins

The adventurers enter Isley’s Dungeon, hoping to save their villagers. After much difficulty, the players complete Isley’s “Lessons” and open the doorway to the area underneath them, labeled “The Final Exam”


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