Deities of Sundara

Alignment: NG
Race: Human

While there are many conflicting views on Loridia’s origin as a deity, the oldest and most widely accepted belief is that she was originally an ordinary human that was raised to the status of goddess by The Council, shortly after the destruction of Amar, and subsequently the creation of The Thirst. According to the stories, Loridia was chosen to fill the spot in The Council Amar left behind due to her devotion to Amar as well as to the destruction of undead, and all other abominations of life. She performed valiantly as a shield maiden during the undead war, and it is said that her tactical brilliance led to the victory of the living creatures of Sundara. Her first task, after being raised by the council was to capture and destroy The Thirst. After many years, she managed to overcome the being, but due to its unusual nature could find no way to destroy it. Instead, she has bound the creature in the realm of the deities, where it is said she still watches over it today, preventing its escape and the destruction of the mortal world which would follow.

Loridia and those who follow her are dedicated to the protection of all life as well as the eradication of the unnatural abominations that threaten the living world.

The Judicator
Alignment: LG
Race: Dwarf

The leader of The Council, and presider over the realm of light (heaven) the judicator presides over the other dieties and has the final say on all laws to be followed in the realm of the deities, most especially those which involve interaction with the mortal world. It is widely believed that The Judicator was the first of the gods to be born from the universe, and that it was he who originally shaped the world. He is also credited with the creation of the dwarves, Sundara’s most ancient race. It is said among the dwarves that after the creation of the planet, the dwarves’ most ancient ancestors were hewn from sundara’s hardest stone. Because of this, The Judicator is often depicted as a dwarf himself.

The Judicator and those who follow him are dedicated to the upholding of traditions, and the following of the laws for the good of the mortal world.

Race: Halfling

Depicted almost exclusively as a Halfling, Rastion was originally a member of The Council, but was quickly banned by The Judicator for his blatant disregard of the laws The Council was meant to create and enforce. While well-meaning, Rastion was always willing to bend or break the laws in order to uphold what he believed to be right. In the old stories, Rastion would often get into trouble with The Judicator for meddling in mortal affairs too often.
Those who follow Rastion are dedicated to the protection of the weak and those in need, and are often at odds with the laws of the world, which they often find to be unfair.

Alignment: LN
Race: Elf

Austia is the third member of The Council where she serves both as Councilor and Scribe. By far the most organized of the deities, it is her responsibility to schedule and arrange all meetings of The Council (many times a very challenging task). Often depicted as an Elf, she created the race with the goal of crafting a life-form more elegant and less wasteful than the dwarves. While regarded by most other deities as extremely wise, it is said she can also be incredibly cold and calculating, especially when it comes to matters of the law.

Those who follow Austia are dedicated to the strict enforcement of the law. They follow all rules and orders they are given to the letter, and usually expect others to do the same (often to their own disappointment).

The Balance
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Human

The fourth and final member of the council is the deity known as The Balance. Depicted as a pair of humans (one male and one female) the “Twin God(s)” are/is believed to be a single entity with two minds and bodies. The duty of this deity is to maintain all balances within the multiverse, whether it be the balance between the mortal and divine world, the natural and artificial world, good and evil, and so on. It is said that the complex balance between all things in the multiverse is a natural occurrence, but one that is fragile and must constantly be maintained. The Balance is also responsible for using the scales which decide where a living soul travels after its mortal life has ended.

Those who follow The Balance are dedicated to maintaining balance both in themselves and in the world around them. Followers can often be found on the borders between large sprawling cities and the natural world.

The Listless

Very little is known about this mysterious deity, who is said to preside over The Realm In-Between. Constantly watching, but rarely acting, The Listless watches over those souls who were not good enough to enter the realms of light (heaven) or darkness (hell) after death.

While very few follow The Listless, those who do are often found to be extremely apathetic or in more extreme cases, completely nihilistic.

Alignment: CN
Race: Gnome

Jex is a master of illusion and trickery. He will do anything for a trick, prank, and his actions often seem completely illogical. Despite this fact, Jex is quite possibly the most intelligent of deities, and in times of extreme peril, The Council will ask for his assistance, though not without a watchful eye. On top of his trickery, Jex is a very skilled tinkerer and inventor, due to his seemingly limitless capacity for creative thought. He is credited with creating the gnomes, which he apparently did completely on a whim.

Followers of Jex range very widely (perhaps more so than any other deity). Among them are artists, inventors, magicians, and thieves as well as many others.

Alignment: LE
Race: Demon

The king of all demons, Maldon presides over the Realm of Darkness. He is cruel and powerful, but for the most part he stays out of the way of The Council, who allow him to do as he pleases in his realm. He enjoys the suffering of others above all else and therefore spends little time outside the Realm of Darkness.

Those who follow Maldon seek to corrupt those around them, so that he may revel in the suffering of their immortal souls.

Alignment: NE
Race: Ogre

Obsessed with undead and abominable experiments, Gral is the representation of everything Loridia stands against. Responsible for the Undead War during the second age, as well as for the creation of The Thirst Gral has constantly been a menace to The Council and all who wish to preserve the mortal world. Even Maldon as stood against him at one point, though this was because Gral’s goal of replacing all living creatures of the world with undead would stop the flow of souls travelling the the Realm of Darkness. Early in his existence, Gral attempted to create a race of ultimate beings which were both physically and intellectually superior to any other race. The result of this experiment was the Ogre which was physically powerful but, due to a miscalculation on Gral’s part, incredibly unintelligent. Gral then abandoned his failed creations to focus on a new project which would eventually give birth to the creation of the first undead, and eventually The Thirst.

Those who follow Gral surround themselves with knowledge of undead, in the hopes that one day they will be able to summon and control these creatures, as people were once said to do in the past.

Amar/The Thirst

  • Amar
    Originally Amar was the NG, second in command of the counsel, and creator of humans, but little else is known of that incarnation of this deity. Sometime during the second age, he was tricked by the ogre Gral (with the help of Jex) into being the unwitting participant in a horrendous experiment. As a result Amar was changed into The Thirst.
  • The Thirst
    More of an existence than an actual being, the thirst is a the very essence of mindless rage, destruction, and evil. The Thirst nearly destroyed the mortal realm before Loridia defeated it. Unfortunately, Loridia could not destroy The Thirst. In the ancient texts, it is said that the thirst is like a bottomless hole, which by its very nature cannot be destroyed, simply separated from those it would consume.
    None openly follow The Thirst but it is whispered that some do in secret.


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