Planes of Existence

Sundara planes

Above is a chart of the planes of existence as they are explained in the ancient stories used for religious teachings.

The Realm of the Dieties
This is the realm where the majority of the deities of Sundara are said to live. Not much can be said about the realm as a whole, as the deities change their own personal areas to suit their own tastes, and therefore its physical properties change greatly from place to place. Even the territories of specific gods are often subject to drastic changes which occur whenever a deity feels like changing something or simply gets bored with its surroundings.

The Realm of Darkness
Also known as hell among common folk, the realm of darkness is where evil souls are said to be sent when their mortal lives have ended. While some are allowed repentance and can eventually pass into the realm-in-between and even further down the line into the realm of light, the most evil of are sent there eternally. It is said that in this realm, even the most basic of physical laws are reversed or completely broken, and that the very act of being there causes an unbearably intense feeling of sickness and confusion. This realm is presided over by the Demon-Deity Maldon.

The Realm In-Between
Souls which were not found to be suitable for the Realms of Darkness or Light are sent to The Realm In-Between which is watched over by The Listless. The Realm is said to follow most of the physical laws which the souls are accustomed to, preventing the sickness and confusion caused by the Realm of Darkness, but is otherwise an endless barren wasteland. While in this realm souls cannot see or interact with each other in any way, but may communicate with the listless, should it be allowed. Most souls pass-on to The Realm of Light after spending a long enough time in self-contemplation. It is extremely rare, though it is not completely unheard of for souls to be sent to The Realm of Darkness from this plane.

The Realm of Light
An eternal paradise for those souls who have paid their full penance int the Realm of Darkness and/or The Realm In-Between (and somewhat more rarely for those souls who were originally found to be good and pure enough to enter) The Realm of Light is a place of beauty and perfection, which by nature resonates a powerful feeling of joy. This realm is presided over by The Judicator.

The Realm of Magic
Said to be the source of all magic in the multiverse, the realm of magic lies in between the mortal realm and the realms watched over by the deities. It is also said that the deities are incapable of directly interacting with the mortal realm, without destroying it, and therefore interact Sundara indirectly through the realm of magic. The only beings that live in the realm of magic are mechanical artifacts of the gods, which constantly keep the intricate workings of the plane in order.

The Mortal Realm
Originally created by the Judicator, the mortal realm is inhabited by all the mortal beings of the multiverse. While Sundara is the only known world in this realm, scholars have theorized the existence of other worlds among the stars.

Planes of Existence

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